Careers at The Engineering Company

We are a team of software and hardware engineers working on one of the most important problems of this generation. 

If we succeed, we will enable a new golden era of engineering design, unlock new technology possibilities and create a new field of academia.

We deeply care about the future and are working hard to create it. Come work on problems that matter, with people that care.

Solve complex problems and develop your skills

At The Engineering Company you will have the possibility to choose your career path based on the technological challenges that motivate you most.


We care about your personal development. We will invest in your skills and we will provide you with unlimited opportunies to grow inside the company. As an early employee you will have the chance to grow into a leadership position as the company scales and takle higher complexity problems.  


You will have an impact on our users and our technology from day one. At T.E.C. you will be able to influence the daily work of thousands of engineers and to change the mentality of a whole industry.

Work with talented people in a creative environment

We are a team of software and mechanical engineers that have worked on the cutting edge of both industries at places including Google, McLaren Automotive, Improbable, Imperial College, Barcelona Supercomputing Center and BP. 

We work in an open environment where new ideas are welcome. This means that every person at the company can influence every part of the company, from technical ideas, to business development or hiring. 

At The Engineering Company not only will you find talented engineers with which to discuss new technologies or debate about solutions to complex ideas, but also a fun group of people with whom to enjoy lunch times or activities. 

Ready to apply? 

We  are  looking  for  bright  individuals  with  passion  for  learning  and  applying  new technologies.

Do you want to make an impact on the world? 

If you are a person with a success-driven track-record that wants to develop their skills to the maximum, apply through our Angel Listing.

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