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Flow is the collaborative modelling platform

Trusted by leaders in the industry

From interns to CTOs, Flow is used across industries for cross-functional engineering design
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Make the right trade-offs, together

Engineering is collaborative, but our tools are siloed. The burden of keeping people informed of changes, integrating systems, and finding the right compromises falls on the engineers.

Flow helps teams stay on the same page and make the right cross-functional trade-offs by taking thousands of disparate models and integrating them into a dynamic global model. This gives you a single source of engineering truth that allows you to make design decisions with all of the information you need.

Teams using Flow iterate in days not weeks, discover and resolve misalignments 10x faster, and make better, optimised products.

Today: Siloed and Fragmented
With Flow: Integrated and Aggregated
Team size:4 people

A single platform that ties together all of your engineering work

Collaborate and iterate faster by eliminating silo working

Start by integrating disparate system models into a global integrated model

Integrate models, supplier data, requirements and variables into a global model to explore feasible configurations. For the first time, see a global systems picture of your entire project and team, giving you real data to back up early-stage design ideas and compromises. Make a change to any part, and changes are propagated across models, giving you an answer fast.

Change anything to understand the global impact in seconds

Find the right trade-offs and configuration for your design. Make a change to understand and explore the impact in seconds. Find the sensitivity of any variable or test possible configurations.

Go from design point to design space in one step to understand trends

Replace a single input value with a range of values to move from a design point to a design space. Then do the same again for any number of inputs to add more dimensions to your design space. Flow helps you understand the global model and the complex peaks and troughs inside the design space.

Share variables across people and teams to always be informed of changes

Flow works across multiple tools, models, and people - keeping everyone in the loop whenever a change affects them. Flow enables your team to have a single, consistent view of all of the systems, sub-systems, components, and variables in play.

Track and record your engineering decisions throughout a project

Check back through the entire history of each variable's changes to understand why every decision was made, allowing costly mistakes to be avoided and each project's learnings to pass to the next. This gives a huge advantage when dealing with certification and regulation issues. Flow allows your engineering discussions to happen alongside the calculations and data changes.

Give leaders real-time visibility on critical values and requirements

Every time a model is updated, the new data will propagate through the system and immediately make you aware of any downstream failures. Use your dashboard to get a top-level view of the entire team's key values, including core performance parameters, mass and cost roll-ups, and key requirements. Set up notifications, so you find out the moment you fail key requirements or standards.

Global optimisation can discover solutions that individual system optimisation cannot

Designing a series of optimised systems is easy - finding the right system-wide compromises to design a true global optimum is incredibly difficult. Flow gives your team the information they need to come together and move from many local optimums to one global optimum. Use Evolutionary Optimisation, Runge Kutta, or any other optimisation approach you want to automatically search a multi-dimensional design space, and give you several ideal options to select from.

Flow is built for multidisciplinary engineering teams at the early stage

Version Control and Change Management
Version Control and Change Management
See every design change, every variable change, who accepted it, when they accepted it and why.
Get notified when a change affects you
Get notified when a change affects you
See dependencies between all parts of the overall system - even if they were built by engineers from different disciplines, in different teams and using different tools.
Design of Experiments
Design of Experiments
Flow is a powerful DoE framework with easy extensions into more tools (Simulation packages, CAD, etc).
Attribute roll-ups (COG, Efficiency, Range)
Attribute roll-ups (COG, Efficiency, Range)
Feed critical information into roll-ups to always stay on top of critical project-level parameters.
Help teams communicate complex ideas
Help teams communicate complex ideas
Sit around a screen and see how changes affect everyone and the global system.
Activity Tracker
Activity Tracker
See all the changes in a project with a global view.

Flow Connects Your Existing Tools and Models

Integrate your favourite tools today in Flow and start seeing dependencies, relationships across tools, disciplines and teams.