We need to fundamentally rethink our approach to engineering development

We became engineers to develop systems that matter. To push the boundaries of what is possible and push humanity forward. Engineers have built heavier than air flying machines, invented life saving medical devices used by millions, and put humans on the moon.

Engineering today is slow, painful, and monotonous. We spend our time plugging equations into spreadsheets for the hundredth time, rebuilding CAD models that break, and setting up simulations to test similar things over and over again. What used to feel like invention now feels like digital manual labour. Every time we add more complexity to our products, the problems increase exponentially. We need to fight with our tools just to deliver an incremental change - pushing the boundaries of technology has been put aside for just being able to spin the wheels.

We build tools that we wished we had

We started out as a team of mechanical and aerospace engineers who were frustrated with the tools we were forced to use. Small changes in CAD models cause major rebuilds and sharepoint collaboration is archaic. We don't just need another integration tool, another PLM system, or another set of macros. We started building simple, but immensely powerful internal tools to automate away all of the repetitive execution work we were forced to do.

Over time, we invented a fundamentally more powerful approach to developing hardware. We’ve stripped away the old, got to the heart of engineering, and found a truly better approach. An approach that magnifies and amplifies engineers' creative abilities and lets the computer do the heavy lifting of the manual execution work.

What if tools amplified and magnified engineers creative abilities, instead of getting in the way?

A medium for Engineering Development

Engineering isn't just equations, and it's not just CAD. Today we do engineering across dozens of tools, building fragmented models that are not interconnected. Rather than dozens of fragmented tools, we need a single place that captures the core design structure - the engineering knowledge - the glue that holds a design together.

Changes propagate through instantly

We should be able to make a change to one part of our system and see it propagate throughout the entire design instantly, rebuilding models automatically.


Collaborate across engineers, teams and tools. Systems break at their interfaces - and yet we have no formal way of managing interfaces. Today we manage interfaces in meetings and by email - we can do a lot better than this.

Where are we now?

Now, we're a team of 10 pioneering engineers from the mechanical, aerospace, automotive and software industries.

We've raised significant funding over multiple investment rounds from over 25 investors including former C-level executives of UBS, SAP and EF.

Our product, Flow, is the next-generation Engineering Development Platform, and is launching this summer.


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